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A good sex toy can add great sexual appeal to the bedroom. Watching a girl touch herself and do things to herself that she likes while a man watches lets a guy know exactly what to do when he's in bed with her. She's bound to let loose more with her toys and you can see first hand what buttons to push just right by the look on her face.

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As she thrusts the toys in and out of her wet pussy, or rubs it against her hard clit, you can see her toes start to curl and her mouth start to quiver. You know she is getting close to orgasm. With our best of toys section, you can concentrate and truly learn what girls like.

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Watch these girls stick their toys in every orifice of their naked bodies. The best toy content is already put together in one easy to find spot on our Best of Toys page. Gain instant access and learn for yourself what every man wants to know, how to make a women scream.

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