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How to best enjoy Puffy Nipples

First start by reaching your hand into the bra of the girl and feel how her nipples and aerola puff out. Take your fingers and rub them back and forth over the nipple. Slightly squeeze the nipple to feel how soft it is compared to erect nipples. The best way to enjoy Puffy Nipples is to suck on them and move your tongue over the nipple, feel how soft and puffy they are.

How to best view Puffy Nipples

Puffy Nipples are best viewed from the side, looking up at the breasts or down at the breasts. When you view the breasts straight on you cannot always tell if the girl has puffy nipples. Sometimes there is a bit of a shadow or a darker shade on the outside ring of the aerolas, this could be puffy nipples or it can just be the shadow of the light.

What makes Puffy Nipples so puffy?

Puffy Nipples are caused by an erectile tissue excess in the nipple. To properly identify puffy nipples we need to understand the terms. The nipple is the part that protrudes out the most while the aerola is the flatter pink area around the nipple, however when a girl has puffy nipples, it is really the aerolas the puff out the most and often they are so puffy the nipple does not protrude as much. Puffy Nipples are really puffy aerolas.

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