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How big is BIG

The best way to determine big aerolas is to take a quarter and hold it up to the aerola. Most women will have aerolas slightly larger then the quarter. Try a silver dollar, if the aerolas are as large as a silver dollar or close to it you know she has big aerolas. Proportion to the size of a breast also matters. On smaller breasts when the aerola is so big it wraps all around the breast, these are also considered big aerolas.
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Why we love Big Aerolas

Those who love breasts often like big breasts. If you like big breasts, there is a good chance you also love big round aerolas. For many, the larger the aerola - the more exciting. Even large aerolas on medium size tits can be appealing. The big aerolas is what makes women feminine.

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Dedicated to Big Aerolas

Because we know people have many loves of the female form we made a "Best Of" section for everyone. We certainly cannot leave out the true desire for women with big aerolas. As we shoot scores of models we must we make it a point to get those great closeups of big aerolas.

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